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Hauert Günther Düngerwerke

Perfect nitrogen efficiency

TARDIT MU 38 N is innovative, organically synthetic nitrogen with excellent long-term effectiveness. In contrast to coated fertilisers, nutrients are not released directly but instead through microorganisms depending on the temperature. This enables the release of nutrients to be perfectly adjusted to plant growth.  

Main advantages:

  • excellent initial effect
  • optimum use of nitrogen through the continual microbial degradation of the nutrients tailored to plant growth
  • very little nitrogen loss from leaching or volatilisation
  • consistent quality ensured by ultramodern production processes – grain for grain
  • nutrients are degraded in a wide pH range similarly to the microbial activity of microorganisms
  • absorption of trace elements facilitated by nitrogen mineralisation in the rhizosphere which lowers the pH value
  • constant efficiency in terms of nitrogen mineralisation also for different sizes of grain
  • no saline substances and thus no damage to roots or leaves
  • continual nitrogen mineralisation over a very long period of time

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