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Hauert Günther Düngerwerke

Soil, compost and fertiliser

High yields coupled with premium quality are possible only with an optimum, needs-based fertilisation to replace the nutrients that are removed.

The challenge is to achieve economically efficient and needs-based fertilisation in vegetable cultivation between the poles of state regulation, stagnating revenues, nitrate leaching and voluntary commitment.
Depending on the location, time of year, nitrogen mineralisation and existing results of a soil analysis, the task is to determine the ideal amount of fertiliser to be used based on analyses – which is where the specialists of Hauert are called for. For over 350 years, Hauert has stood for top quality fertilisers and fair collaboration in a spirit of partnership. Fertilisers especially developed for growing vegetables, such as “Hauert Hornoska Spezial”, horn shavings or “Plantaaktiv” nutrient salts are the perfect supplement for nutritional demands in vegetable cultivation.

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