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Hauert Günther Düngerwerke

Hauert - your partner for gardening and landscaping

Only well nourished plants – regardless of whether these are potted plants, park areas or lawns – make a garden look well-kept. As a Swiss market leader in special fertilisers, Hauert has years of experience in all matters relating to plant nutrition. Creating ideal planting and growing conditions requires extensive knowledge and is an essential requirement for the successful implementation of gardening and landscaping projects. Our own research and development coupled with an in-depth exchange of ideas and knowledge with international research institutes and partner firms guarantee that you will always receive products and services that do more than just meet expectations.

Long-term fertilisers have crucial advantages in gardening and landscaping

Rationalisation Using long-term fertilisers at the beginning of the vegetation period saves fertilisation later as well as the manpower this entails and is adequate for the nutrition of many plants for the whole season.  Preventing salt damageRapidly soluble fertilisers can often cause salt damage in plants. There is no such risk with long-term fertilisers.                                               No growth spurts Long-term fertilisers feed plants evenly over time, enabling you to avoid undesirable growth spurts, particularly in lawns.



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