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Hauert Günther Düngerwerke

Love for nature since 1663

Hauert has been producing and marketing fertiliser for professional garden services and
amateur gardeners for more than 350 years: The company was founded in 1663 in
Grossaffoltern, Switzerland - the place where it now has its head office.

The small fertiliser company has long since grown into Switzerland’s market leader for
garden fertilisers. Hauert sets quality standards for organic and organo-mineral fertilisers at
international level.

Research as a basis for innovation

Thanks to specific research and development in the areas of plant nutrition and fertiliser production, Hauert has been repeatedly able to present groundbreaking innovations. The last breakthrough was achieved through the development of the Sphero method: Our process engineers succeeded in developing a granulation method that can be used toincorporate organic substances into top-quality granules. The gardener benefits from dust-freehandling and the plant from the targeted provision of a well-balanced nutrient mix.

Committed to ecology

Humans will need fertiliser as long as they populate our planet. Hauert will also give priority to organic fertilisers in the future and manufacture its products based on local, renewable resources as far as possible. Where this is not possible, we apply the latest technology to ensure that careful use is made of valuable resources.Since the 1930s Hauert has focused on biological fertilisers. In the meantime a whole series ofHauert products bear the Swiss bio label and through Biorga, there is a separate product line available especially for organic farming. For Hauert, organic fertilisation is the goal and Hauert will also keep an eye on this goal inits future work.

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